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Whether joining Women’s Havurah, Men’s Club, Social Action, Adult Jewish Eduction, Cultural, Bikkur Cholim or one of the many other JCSVV committees and clubs we offer, we value the relationships that we build with one another and our broader community.

Click on any of the Committee/Club names below to learn more about the ways we connect with one another and how you can get involved. 

Social Action

The purpose of the Social Action Committee is to strive to fulfill the Jewish commandments of Tikkun Olam, repair of the world, and G’mulut Chasadim, acts of kindness. The Committee will identify needs within our own Jewish community, as well as within the larger community in which we live, and will develop and implement social action programs relating to those needs, build awareness and strengthen concern within JCSVV.

Adult Jewish Education

The Adult Jewish Education Committee promotes classes, seminars, lectures, workshops, and unique special programing, covering a wide range of topics in all key areas of what it means to be Jewish. Adult Ed offerings continually expand and deepen Jewish identity, while promoting a connection to and the continuity of the Jewish people.

Religious Affairs

The Religious Affairs Committee, in consultation with the Rabbi, is responsible for establishing religious policies relating to religious practice, keeping in mind the diversity of JCSVV Members.


The purpose of the Cultural Committee is to promote programs related, but not limited to, Jewish culture. Activities include lectures, seminars, classes, fine art performances, workshops and similar educational and/or cultural events.


The Fundraising Committee formulates and implement plans for fundraising events and activities that potentially provide revenue to the JCSVV.


The Membership Committee focuses on the recruitment of new members and the retention of existing members, implementing activities that support these functions.

Bikkur Cholim

The Bikkur Cholim Committee coordinates a Caring Team of volunteers to provide a network of relationships to sustain Members throughout the journeys of our lives. The Bikkur Cholim responsibility acknowledges and celebrates joyous events such as the births of children and grandchildren; Bar and Bat Mitzvahs; and other important life cycle events, as well as providing acknowledgement and support when Members are ill, hospitalized, recovering, in hospice, or at the time of a death. The Committee coordinates services to the following geographical areas: Sedona, Flagstaff, and the Verde Valley. Bikkur Cholim volunteer services include: Health care facility visits (as permitted), transportation, support visits to family before and after a  funeral, and the bringing of food as requested/needed.

Women’s Havurah

Women’s Havurah provides programming, group activities, and events specifically for women and that are primarily of Jewish interest. It financially supports the General Fund and cooperates with fundraising and activities of the JCSVV, and financially contributes to designated charities that support women and/or specifically Jewish causes.

Men’s Club

The Men’s Club cultivates comradery amongst men within our community. It promotes group activities and events such as sports, hikes, retreats, and stimulating discussions on topical subjects. It also provides financial and volunteer support to JCSVV, and offers charitable support to organizations that provide needed services to the community at-large, and charity and Tikkun Olam in our community.

Volunteer Help

Volunteer help is what keeps our Synagogue open and responsive to the needs of our members and community. Hours are flexible/negotiable according to your interests and needs.

  • Welcome visiting guests
  • Gift Shop sales
  • Routine office help
  • Table and chair set-up for events
  • Library
  • Technology (i.e., computer/video/social media)