Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley Synagogue

Kabbalah-The Mystical Tradition of “Receiving”

May 17, 2022    
3:00 pm

Kabbalah-The Mystical Tradition of “Receiving”

Led by Rabbi Alicia Magal on Zoom

Kaballah, a Hebrew word, literally meaning “receiving,” contains many mystical elements hinted at in the Bible and developed through meditation and one-on-one oral transmission for many hundreds of years. Rabbi Magal is offering a four-session course exploring some aspects of the study and practice of Kaballah.

An overview of different aspects of Kabbalistic teachings: breaking of the vessels from the original light; the Tree of Life model of the universe; the Four Worlds template of Action, Emotion, Thought and Spirit; word connections through gematria (numerology) and permutation of letters to find hidden meanings; and meditations and other avenues of mystical journeying intended to transform our awareness of the constant flow of divinity in the world and help us attain harmony and balance in our lives.

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